Looking for new and different gifts this year? Matthews Tire has ideas to keep you rolling through the holiday season! Turn to our list of the top 10 best gifts—listed from most affordable to biggest splurge—for the drivers in your life.

  1. Wiper blades – They are affordable, essential and make a great stocking stuffer! Simply pick up an extra pair (or two!) in our lobby next time you get an oil change.

  2. Ice scraper – It’s the perfect gender-neutral gift for group exchanges. Spring for the one with the built-in mitten and you’ll have the gift people will want to “steal”.

  3. Car wash – Winter is tough on vehicles. Regular washes help combat the salt, sand and ice buildup that can be harmful to the body and wheels of your vehicle.

  4. Emergency car kit – There’s no better way to show someone you care than with a gift to help ensure their safety. You can either assemble your own or choose from a variety of kits.

  5. Smart key tracker – Know someone who always seems to lose their keys? Get a tech savvy key chain that allows you to find the location of your keys using a smartphone!

  6. Jumper cables – Everyone should have a set of jumper cables in their trunk. If you know someone who doesn’t, this gift is an obvious must-have.

  7. Battery – The bitter cold does a number on car batteries. Save your loved one the stress of replacing their battery at an inconvenient time by getting them a back-up now.

  8. Custom rims – They may not be the most practical gift—but they just might be the most FUN! Choose from a variety of stylish rims for any vehicle.

  9. New tires – Nobody wants to buy them, but everyone needs nice reliable tires—especially in Wisconsin! Make someone’s year and buy them a new set of brand name tires from Matthews Tire. See our selection!

  10. Matthews Tire gift card – The best gifts are the ones that keep on giving! Get Matthews Tire gift cards in any denomination and gift your loved ones with oil changes, windshield replacement, flat repairs or the vehicle maintenance of their choice.