As one of the most inexpensive parts on your vehicle, you may not put much thought into your windshield wipers. However, investing in the best wiper blades can greatly improve your driving overall experience as well as your safety on the road.

So, how do you find and install the best windshield wipers for your car?

Matthews Tire Green Bay auto shop manager Tom Winninghoff is here to break down everything you need to know. In this full windshield wiper guide, Tom answers:

  • What are the best windshield wipers?
  • What size windshield wipers do you need?
  • When should you replace your windshield wipers?
  • How do you maintain windshield wipers?

What are the Best Windshield Wipers?

For quality wipers that can withstand harsh Wisconsin driving conditions year-round, RainX wiper blades are the clear winner.

Voted the best overall windshield wipers in 2022 by Car and Driver Magazine, RainX silicone wiper blades offer exceptional performance in all weather conditions. That’s why our expert technicians use RainX wipers here at Matthews Tire.

We’ve got a wide selection of RainX wiper blades for every vehicle make and model. Wondering which wipers you’ll need?

How to find the right size windshield wipers for your car

To get the most accurate information on which size windshield wipers you’ll need, Tom advises using your car’s manual (or manufacturer catalog).

Or, stop into your local Matthews Tire for a windshield wiper replacement. Our technicians use an extensive catalog system to identify which size wipers you’ll need for your vehicle.

When Should You Replace Your Windshield Wipers?

It depends. Most auto experts recommend replacing your windshield wipers every 12 months, but there are exceptions.

Wiper blades will need to be replaced more often if your car is exposed to prolonged cold weather and harsh conditions. That’s a reality for just about every driver in the Midwest.

Take Tom for example, who experiences the effects of Wisconsin winter driving as an Appleton resident. Part of his regular car maintenance routine, Tom replaces his wipers twice a year.

“Wiper blades are one of the most inexpensive safety features on your vehicle,” Tom says. “It’s a cheap, easy way to be safe on the road.”

Signs it’s time to replace your windshield wipers

You don’t necessarily need to stick to a strict wiper replacement schedule as you would for something like oil changes. There are key signs you can watch for that signal it’s time for a wiper replacement.

It’s time to replace your windshield wipers when they:

  • leave streaks or other residues on the windshield
  • make noise rubbing against the glass
  • have any bends, cracks or loose rubber

How to Keep Your Windshield Wipers in Good Condition

While new wiper blades certainly aren’t the biggest car maintenance expense, you’ll still want them to last as long as possible to extend your investment.

To maintain your windshield wipers, Tom shares his top wiper maintenance tips:

Clean your windshield regularly.

Bugs, dirt and other debris on your windshield will dirty your wipers and damage the rubber. Give your windshield a clean when you stop for gas and get regular car washes to improve the longevity of your wipers.

Clean your windshield wipers when necessary.

No matter how clean you keep your windshield, your wiper blades are bound to get dirty eventually.

To clean your windshield wipers: simply remove the wiper blades and use a soft rag dampened with washer fluid to clean off the edges. If you use soap and water on any part of your wipers, use rubbing alcohol to clean the residue off the rubber.

Only use your wipers when your windshield is wet.

The rubber on your wiper blades should be durable, but it’s not designed to be used on dry surfaces. Always spray washer fluid prior to turning your wipers on if you need to clean debris off your windshield while driving.

Remove snow, ice and debris from your windshield before using your wipers.

We all know the pain of having to defrost our vehicles as Wisconsin drivers. Resist the temptation of using your wipers to clear the snow and ice from your windshield. This can severely damage your blades when you need them the most.

Get the Best Windshield Wipers at Matthews Tire

Stay safe on the road no matter the weather with high-quality RainX wipers from Matthews Tire. Whether you live in Appleton, Fond du Lac, Green Bay, Menasha or Waupaca, we’ve got a deal you’re going to love!